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10 points of netiquette:

  1. When typing never type in all capitals, this is shouting and is rude.2
  2. Do not plagiarise because someone spent a long period of time working on the content that you just copy and pasta and claim it is yours.
  3. Use proper quotes and always use the whole quote.
  4. Do not gossip and keep personal information to your self.
  5. Do not steal photographs that are not yours unless you have permission and you give credit.
  6. Watch your language. Do not swear!
  7. Be patient with new users.
  8. No spamming. It is unwanted and annoying.
  9. If you are using a header make sure your content matches the header.
  10. Avoid overuse of emoticons. They are irritating.


Penalties for failing to meet netiquette:

  1. If these rules are not followed the first step would be to send the user an email stating that they are breaking the rules.
  2. The next step would be to limit their access to the internet.
  3. If the rules are still not followed the user would then need to attend a disciplinary hearing.
  4. If these steps have been unsuccessful  the final step would be to take legal action against the user.


How to enforce and manage Netiquette:

  1. Record all transactions and make sure you get a receipt.
  2. Use professional signatures on documents to provide legitimacy.
  3. Ask for clarification if you have any doubt about instructions to avoid miscommunication.
  4. Do not write in acronyms. It is childish in the work place unless it is specific jargon for your industry.
  5.  Double space paragraphs to make your drawings readable.
  6. Use descriptive headings.
  7. Use references.
  8. Businesses can adopt a strict code of digital conduct where they can monitor their employees actions and watch developing trends that may need to be put to an end.
  9. Although this might be extreme, businesses can spy on employees doings on the internet so that they can ensure all workers have a clear understanding of netiquette.

Digital Code of Conduct.png



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