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Positives of social technologies:

  • Individuals can now express themselves as it is easier to not feel embarrassed over the internet.
  • Individuals can learn about other peoples life by visiting their profiles e.g. friends, relationship status, address, number etc. It is easier for people to make friends on social networking sites because people speak more openly and freely.
  • Individuals can now keep in contact with family and friends if they live far away or are just on holiday. Instead of writing a letter to someone, that would only be received a month later, social networking is easy and instant and individuals can reach anyone in the world with an internet connection.
  • Social networking helps businesses market their goods or services more efficiently. Traditional marketing mediums where abandoned because they where too expensive. Social media is free and the only cost for business is energy and time.
  •  Social networking can unite people and communities who share a common interest, objective or goal. E.g.  a community for second hand clothes was created where people can browse on the page and look for clothing.
  • Social networking helps people keep in touch with what is happening in the world every minute. Everyone is informed immediately if their is a crisis.


Negatives of social technologies:

  • The most obviously negative about social technologies is cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is so prominent because individuals feel safe and anonymous behind a computer and feel that they will not be harmed. The only way for a bully to be stopped is to report him!
  • Social networking can ruin peoples relationships as people are constantly viewing new profile pictures, relationship statuses, new friends etc. which is causing people to get jealous if they find out, for example, your girlfriend exchanging messages with another man.
  • As useful social media is, it is addictive and people obviously abuse it and spend hours and hours or even the whole day constantly checking their social networking accounts. This can leads to health problems such a eye strain, repetitive strain injury, headaches, neck pain and even mental illness such as depression.
  • Security is a concern when social networking as all an individuals personal information is made readily available to all (Unless security settings are changed) which can pose a security risk. People can steal other people identity online and use their profiles as their own.
  •   Kids can be affected by using social media as their brains are not yet fully developed and people may share a violent image that encourages children to become violent.
  • Some social networking sites in certain businesses are being blocked because employees spend the whole working day on their social media and not doing their work. This leads to reduced productivity levels in the business.