Digital Citizens



Q.1.3. Elements of Digital Citizenship

The9 Elements of Digital Citizenship-2



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Q.1.2. Techno-Economic Paradigm



Figure 1: Server Network Cables (Public Domain Pictures, 2016)

A paradigm can be defined as, “a pattern of something; a pattern or model” (Wiki, 2016)

When new technology is introduced many people are hesitant as the change leads to uncertainty. Many people prefer to use methods that they have always been using because they are comfortable with it and they understand it.

It takes time before people can start to learn to trust and work new technology and before businesses can start seeing a return on their investment.

We can develop from this, that new advancements in technology will only be accepted and trusted after a certain period of time because people need time to learn and adapt before they see the brilliance of the innovation. (IIE, 2015)



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Q.1.1. The Ramifications of Digital Divide

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